A guide to buying boats and yachts

Yacht Cost - How much does a yacht cost today? Typically, cost of a yacht varies with the size, age, amenities and condition. The cost to maintain a yacht is related to the amount. Learn more and check out the pricing of yachts from top manufacturers.

Like all acquiring expensive luxury goods, when you purchase a yacht you should be extremely careful!

You don’t take chances and just buy a yacht at a whim. Plan your investmentpurchase well and think about it long and hard. We in United Yacht will act as aids, advisors, and information gatherers for you to help you make your purchase. We make sure that you are off to a fine footing in starting off to make your dream of owning a yacht a fulfilling one and avoid turning it into a nightmare.
1.) When buying a new yacht please make sure to check the warranty and understand what is written on the contract. You may want to ask the seller if they provide repairs and services just in case something happens to your yacht. Some shipyards offer good service and will sometimes repair some damages free of charge as long as it falls under their terms and agreements.
2.) Review the price which must include taxes like VAT and customs duty.
3.) Most yachts you can buy are known as “production models” which means they are manufactured in one form. So if you want to add your personal touch, plan what you need to do to modify your new yacht so it suits you and your personality as well as needs. Ask your seller if they can customize your yacht for you too.
4.) If you are purchasing a used yacht, always check the item in person and thoroughly inspect it. Photos and descriptions can often times be deceiving.
5.) Always buy from highly regarded merchants and be sure to know and understand warranty claims.
6.) Always take your yacht for a “test drive” to determine how sea-worthy it is and check the motor. Examine all the controls, engines, and computer systems on board.
7.) If you can, have an advisor examine and determine the worth of the yacht ahead of acquiring at the real market price.
8.) If by any chance you “feel” that something is improper, then it’s best to take the time to truly examine your thoughts about your yacht buying plan and check just about anything out once more.
9.) It’s best to choose a shipyard with many years of experience in the market as most often their services are already tried and tested.
10.) Every agreement concerning your yacht purchase should be written in a contract that is very clear and precise. Have the dates clearly stated so you know what to expect and when to expect.

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